Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Third Quarter Outside Reading Book Review

The Prometheus Deception By Robert Ludlum. St. Martins Press, 2000. Genre:Realistic Fiction

This engaging novel is about Nick Bryson who got fired by an unknown intelligence agency known as the Directorate. He gets a new identity, and a relatively satisfying life as a professor at a college near Washington D.C. That is until the assistant director of the C.I.A. contacts him and informing him that the agency he had worked for is now planning world domination. The twist is that the assistant director actually works for the Directorate. Now Bryson must find out who's on his side, and what to do about it amongst the numerous assassination attempts.

"Ludlum delivers again another top-notch international thriller sure to please..." reviews Library Journal "...[there are] heart-pounding chase scenes, devastating double-crosses, gut-wrenching twists, fast paced action, fierce confrontations, pressure that ratchets up to an explosive conclusion, and, as always, authentic international locales, high-tech gadgetry, and sophisticated spycraft."

This book is a down to earth thriller it has all the components from the detail to the action. The book keeps you captivated from the moment you enter it. No page is left without every minute detail of every punch and hit. Themes such as persistence and hard work are told from a prospective that leaves the reader wondering how much more action can be packed into such a small book. The introduction grabs you with an event that leaves you wondering what's about to happen, and from there it just gets better with every conversation revealing a little more to the plot right up until the bang ending leaving you sure that all the detail worked specifically to get to this point.

"He seemed to hesitate for an instant; Bryson could feel the grinding pressure of the pistol barrel momentarily let up. It was all the opportunity he needed, this second or two of genuine indecision on the part of his intended assassin. Quietly, he slipped his left hand off the steering wheel and slithered it down around to his back. He had the Glock!"

This being the second of two books I have read by Ludlum, I have to say that by far he is my new favorite author (just from two books!). His books have a way of capturing me from the very beginning and making introductions intertwined with the rising action. This is really important to me because if a book doesn't capture me withing the first couple pages, then I get bored and stop reading it.

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